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There are great craft beers on tap or you can try non-alcoholic drinks such as the ginger house special.

42 Fresh Summer Vegetable Recipes To Bring To Your Next Cookout

The menu has lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes, including green veggie soups and tasty quesadillas. This restaurant and pastry shop is one of the oldest vegan places in Budapest. Herbivore crowds love it for the pizzas and the pastries on the menu. The falafel plates with hummus and salad are a safe bet, but the best thing on the menu is shakshuka note though, this does come with eggs , which you can get in the classic tomato-and-pepper combo or the green version made with spinach and courgettes.

Get here early, because this tiny vegetarian restaurant usually runs out of food quickly. Get more travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox with our weekly newsletter.

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  • Vegan Recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians: The Blooming Platter in Virginia Beach, VA.
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Jennifer Walker. Tray-baked artichokes with almonds, breadcrumbs and herbs. The real mushroom soup. The quickest tomato sauce. The best winter veg coleslaw. The best whole-baked carrots. The best baked pumpkin. Sweet vanilla risotto with poached peaches and chocolate.

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Sweet pea and pecorino salad. Summertime tagliarini. Summer tomato and horseradish salad. Summer pea and watercress soup.

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Summer chickpea salad. Street salad Insalata di strada. Stir-fried vegetables. Stir-fried corn with chilli, ginger, garlic and parsley. Squash and ricotta pasta bake.

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Spicy broad bean fritters with lemon minted yoghurt. Southern Indian vegetable curry. Slow-roasted balsamic tomatoes with baby leeks and basil. Simple summer spaghetti. Simple crunchy side salad. Simple as that celeriac. Roasted sweet garlic, bread and almond soup. Roasted cauliflower with cumin, coriander and almonds. Roasted baby leeks with thyme.

Roast vegetable megamix. Ribbon celeriac salad. Radicchio and rocket salad Insalata di radicchio e rughetta. Quesadillas with guacamole. Pukka pineapple with bashed-up mint sugar. Potato, celeriac and truffle oil soup. Potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary, thyme and tomato pizza topping. Green and red grapes, rosemary, pine nuts and ricotta pizza topping. Perfect roast potatoes. Perfect braised spinach. Penne with tomato, basil, olives and pecorino. My favourite ribollita La mia ribollita preferita. Moroccan style broad bean salad with yoghurt and crunchy bits. Minted peas under oil.

Marinated Mediterranean olives. Kenny Rankin's rosemary focaccia. Italian style greens Ricetta tipica per verdure verdi. Italian roast vegetable and farro salad. Incredible Sicilian aubergine stew Caponata. Humble home-cooked beans. Honey and lemon juice dressing. Homemade tomato ketchup. Herb salad with goat's cheese. Grilled mushroom risotto. Grilled flatbreads with rosemary oil. Good old French bean salad. Fried pizza Pizza fritta. Fennel risotto with ricotta and dried chilli Risotto ai finocchi con ricotta e peperoncino.

Favourite winter salad. Farro salad with roasted veg Insalata di farro con verdure al forno. Curried cauliflower fritters. Crunchy Keralan salad. Crostini - tomato and olives. Crostini - mixed herbs. Crostini - buffalo mozzarella and chilli. Crispy tortillas with guacamole. Creamy French dressing. Your low-carb lasagna dreams have come true. We've got six ways to top it, so you'll never get bored. Charlie Gillette. Breakfast Stuffed Peppers.

Breakfast for dinner? Why not! White Cheddar Baked Corn. Dip, casserole, whatever. It's GOOD. Venture south of the border for dinner with these minute stuffed peppers. Emily Hlavac Green.

Grilled Zucchini. Here's your healthy, go-to summer side. Park Feierbach. This salad is so delicious it's downright corny. Zucchini Cakes.

These fritters taste like summer! Joe Spit. Caprese Corn Salad. Go crazy for caprese this summer. Zucchini Fries. Bell Pepper Nachos. You won't miss the chips in these low-carb veggie nachos. Cucumber Salad. The most refreshing side salad. Bang Bang Corn. The prettiest corn you'll grill all summer.

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