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A sex instruction documentary??? Here she plays the distant Aunt or something-or-other who is visiting a family where the teenage boy gets the hots Not an epic but not as bad as some, and Fenech somehow manages to effectively pull off roles like this, not to mention her clothes which she does nicely in a few scenes. Standard xxx porn film, with bend towards oral sex, narrated by Lina Romay's butthole! Now with English subtitles!

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Franco shot close-up xxx inserts of fellatio scenes and edited them in to sell the movie to the X market. Includes both the German and original French theatrical trailers, plus an alternate version of the scene with Monica Swinn. In the room next to hers are a young newlywed couple and Gambier, in her mind, melds the image of her lost lover with the unsuspecting husband.

The manager of the inn who may or may not have raped her in the past much of the story is intentionally ambiguous is determined to have Gambier at any cost. Interesting film that proves that low-budget X movies can be done intelligently! Original score by Serge Gainsbourg, theme song sung by Jane Birkin! Bdsm story of a male victim.

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Please note that we also sell the English-dubbed version in a full-frame [] non-wide-screen version. Antonio Gismondi and Paola D'Egidio star. This nice looking 44 min. Blonde actress Britta Glatzeder plays Melody in her only screen appearance. Theelegant sexual scenes in this are shot with quite a sensual flair although it seems like this print may be slightly cut.

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I can't be sure of that because this is the only version I've ever seen! Despite that the picture quality is very nice! Rated R. Total running time is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Hard-to-find nudies from the inventor of the lava lamp! Please note: These titles are extremely rare! And unfortunately the picture quality, while quite watchable, is nowhere near our usual quality.

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The overall picture is a bit soft, not too bad, but there is a fair amount of digital "artifacting" that is noticeable. For collectors only! Although not quite as good as either of those, still worth a look! Featuring Christiana Borghi and Dirce Funari both of whom acted in a number of other Italian sexploiters.

Please note that we also have the a version that is English dubbed with Greek subtitles in lesser quality but still watchable. A must for fans of Lina's x movies. Alonso as Rosy Oussy and Antonio Mayans. Please note that the picture is a bit grainy looking. Their love life borders on disaster and Celi decides to turn his attention to younger girls. Distraught, Baker has a fling with her handsome stepson! Although some unusual colored lighting and a serious approach makes this a cut above other similar themed films of this type, the movie still never quite takes off and is ultimately only of appeal to diehard Carroll Baker fans as the "Babydoll" herself has quite a few nude scenes, more in fact than other film I've ever seen her in!

Also with the sultry Femi Benussi! Please note that the picture is a nit soft looking but otherwise nice. Doesn't really kick in skin-wise until towards the end of its 60 minute running time, but still a sexy fun travel romp for nudist camp enthusiasts! She does what she has to to stay alive until she can take no more!

A decent and more serious take on the "Salon Kitty" theme. This version contains some very brief xxx insert shots.

Includes the original English theatrical trailer. Please note that the picture is somewhat soft looking on this title. John Carradine is the aging Count Dracula who lives with his crazed servant Brother Theodore and his granddaughter.

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His beautiful granddaughter somewhat blandly portrayed by the exotically attractive Nai Bonet wants to be human and flees to her vampire-aunt's "Munsters"' Yvonne DeCarlo! Apart from Bonet's extended nude shower scene, the only other reason to see this one is for Brother Theodore's over- the-top improvised raving that comes across like a Nazi on LSD! Truly amazing! The Nuns of St. The film takes a more serious approach to the story and does it well. Reportedly shot in but banned by the Italian goverment until While traveling by air, the jet she's on almost crashes and in her desperation she swears before a nun that if she survives she'll convert.

She does live and so she keeps her vow to spend her life as a nun, but will she be able to avoid temptation? By the director of "In The Folds Of The Flesh" also available and, although not nearly as out-of-control as that one, does have several moments of visual insanity!

With Eva Czemerys. Also includes footage from a much older spy movie with Jack Taylor and what appears to be some Jess Franco shot footage of a strip club scene featuring an uncredited Lina Romay. Similar to but a different movie than House of Lost Girls. From the co-director of the surreal X film Bacchanale also available! Stephens" Stephen C. Apostolof , written by Ed Wood, Jr. Poker In Bed La Signora gioca bene a scopa? Please note that the film print is in a bit of rough shape but the transfer is fine. After being photographed in the nude, she is blackmailed by the boy's friend into seducing the unsuspecting virgin in this light-hearted sexy drama.

Sort of the European counterpart to "Chatterbox" also available. There was a hard and soft version of this film released, this is the X-rated hardcore version. Includes the original theatrical trailer and more! This unusual blend of artistic and often beautiful camera work with sometimes humorous but more often vicious scenarios is quite different from the type of scenes you'd see in any U.

Definitely NOT for everyone! Iquino, Spain 3 teenage girls turn to prostitution to solve their money issues in this very trashy sex drama! Seasoned director Iquino had been in the biz for many years directing mostly dramas and Spaghetti Westerns but he really cranked-up the sleaze factor on this one! Please note there is a small tv logo in the corner. Once the women are "used", they are killed! Can a pair of dry cleaners follow the only clue, a button found at the crime scene, and stop the maniacs before they strike again?

Picture looks very nice! There is a small unobtrusive logo in the corner. Raspoutin Ta' mej doktorn aka Ecstasy, Inc. An devious shrink uses hypnosis to screw his patients! Twisted and sordid! But not as disturbing as the horrifying disco theme song!

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Featuring Marilyn Jess! This uncut version is in Italian language only but with no real "plot" to speak of so it's pretty easy to follow what's going on. Picture looks a bit soft but not bad. Here's the first in the infamous German "Schoolgirl Report" schlock-udrama sexploitation series! A number of vignettes are presented by a doctor that are designed to "educate" us on the shocking world of teenage girls!

Note: These girls are absolutely, positively NOT under age and when you see this thing you'll believe me! Great swingin' pop soundtrack by Gert Wilden! Lotsa' hanky panky! And unfortunately lotsa' fogging! Very rare in English language, the fogging seems to add a kind of perverted charm to it! Besides seeming bored all the time he is upset because no one seems to notice or remember him. You'd think that with him being married to Laura Antonelli he wouldn't mind so much! One day by accident he discovers that he gets a tremendous thrill watching other men get turned on by his wife's gorgeous body!

As far as Italian sex comedies go you could do worse, but the main reason to see this is for Laura Antonelli who is stunning as always. A Euro-trash must have! Yeah, baby! Also with Eva Thulin. Please note that the picture is a bit soft looking.

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Ultra-rare post-apocaliptic exploiter that opens with a liberal use of footage from George Romero's "The Crazies"! Some sources credit this as an Italian production but, with that cast, I'm gonna say this was probably pasted together in the good ol' USA. Note: Picture is soft looking on this title.