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Two guys and a girl brave jungle hazards to find an Aztec temple filled with gold. An American flirts with a crook, a barrister and a mercenary to find diamonds in London. A dime-store heiress rejects a New Yorker, then destroys his marriage.

A Pittsburgh welder dances nights in a bar, dates her boss and dreams of going to ballet school. A widow becomes frantic when her 6-year-old daughter disappears on an airplane traveling from Berlin to New York. A Canadian sculptor builds an ultralight plane so his teen daughter can lead geese south.

Californians are haunted by corpses from a year-old shipwreck. Residents of a seaside community fall prey to malevolent entities hidden within the thick mist around their homes. A treasure hunter drags his estranged wife and her boss on a quest to find 40 chests of lost Spanish gold.

A hip Chicago teen moves to a Midwestern town where, thanks to a pastor, dancing is outlawed. A businessman embarks on a revenge-fueled vendetta after his daughter dies in a terrorist bombing. His search leads to a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official whose past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers. Two people find love in Ireland but their dreams drive them apart. Five years later, they reunite and the woman must decide where her heart belongs. Liam Page is a country music superstar who left his bride Josie at the altar to pursue fame and fortune.

Now, he must face the consequences of his actions when he returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend from high school. A rumpled detective gets a slick convict released into his custody for two days to help him find a murderer in San Francisco.


A magazine editor seeks revenge against terrorists who botched a hijacking and killed his wife and children. During videotaped sessions with her patients, a psychologist in Alaska uncovers disturbing evidence of alien abductions. A boy faces unintended and sometimes monstrous consequences when he conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog, Sparky, back from the dead. In Jones County, Miss. FXX Wed. A South Central Los Angeles resident hangs out on his front porch with a pal who owes money to a drug dealer.

MTV Sun. VH1 Sat. Working as security guards, Craig and Day-Day run into the thief who stole their Christmas presents. The reopening of Camp Crystal Lake spells murder and mayhem for a group of sexually promiscuous counselors. AMC Fri. While searching for his missing sister, a young man and a group of student revelers encounter a hockey-masked killer and his razor-sharp machete at the ruins of Camp Crystal Lake.

Teenage Tommy meets masked-killer Jason, brought back by a lightning bolt at the lake. Hockey-masked Jason goes after another batch of teens at Crystal Lake. Friends naively believe that adding sex to their relationship will not lead to complications. Desperado brothers kidnap a preacher and his kids, commandeer their RV and wind up in a Mexican strip joint where vampires lurk. Democrat Gary Hart becomes the front-runner for the presidential nomination until allegations of an extramarital affair derail his campaign.

A fearless young princess sets out with a mountaineer to find her sister, whose icy powers have trapped their kingdom in eternal winter. Two deranged young men take a vacationing family hostage and subject them to torture.

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Furlough Tessa Thompson, Whoopi Goldberg. When an inmate is granted one weekend of freedom to see her dying mother, a rookie correction officer struggles to keep her under control. A lawyer joins the FBI and goes after henchmen of the gangster who put him through law school. The elite G.

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Joe team uses the latest technology in its battle against corrupt arms dealer Destro and a mysterious organization known as Cobra. Sobered by an archangel, the president fires his crooked Cabinet and becomes a world leader. Aliens, believing actors to be real heroes, enlist cast members of a sci-fi TV series to help save their people.

BBC America Sun. A literature professor with gambling debts borrows money from a mobster and offers his life as collateral while immersing himself in an illicit, underground world. An outcast takes part in a complicated and perilous scheme to assume the identity of a genetically engineered citizen.

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The prison-bound manager of a hedge fund asks a black businessman -- who has never been to jail -- to prepare him for life behind bars. FXX Thur. To save his kidnapped wife, a former race-car driver must follow the instructions of a man who is watching his every move through a hidden camera. A slain Manhattan yuppie reaches out to his lover, with a medium as his middlewoman. POP Thur. Members of a salvage crew and a pilot board a haunted vessel found floating in the Bering Sea.

Rule-breaking Booker judges honor Atwood, Evaristo with rare double prize

A professor investigates three chilling and inexplicable cases related to an abandoned asylum, a car accident and the spirit of an unborn child. Even scarier -- each of the macabre tales seems to have a sinister connection to his own life.

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A man who sees spirits finally agrees to a persistent request by one of them to sabotage the impending marriage of his widow. KDOC Sun. A crooked judge unwittingly hires the heir to a gold mine to scare his cousin into selling the property. NR 54 mins. Armed with proton packs, four paranormal investigators battle mischievous ghouls in New York. Now the parapsychologists are trying to rid New York of stress-related pink slime. Lifetime Thur. When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by the emperor, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge.

David Dunn looks to deliver vigilante justice to the Beast -- the madman who has superhuman strength and 23 personalities. Their epic showdown leads them to the mysterious Elijah Price, the criminal mastermind who holds critical secrets for both men. Godzilla vs. Godzilla fights pollution in the form of living sludge found by a scientist and his son. A horse thief escapes hanging by marrying a proper woman who expects him to work her gold mine. Maisie hears about a gold rush just outside a town, and decides to go into business with ta family of poor prospectors and a crotchety ranch owner who may be unknowingly sitting on a valuable vein of gold.

After escaping from an abductor a year earlier, a young woman sets out to save her sister, who has been kidnapped by the same serial killer. Romantic sparks fly between a wealthy businessman and a struggling single mother who works as a cleaner in his office building. With help from a friendly Neanderthal boy, a young dinosaur embarks on an epic adventure to reunite with his beloved family. Drought, famine and greed take their toll on a Chinese farming couple in this adaptation of the Pearl Buck novel.

An evil child terrorizes a visiting cousin who turns for help, but no one believes him. A therapist, a mathematician and working-class roughs vie for the soul of a janitor with a genius IQ. A handsome stranger leaves Cassie Nightingale and her daughter on edge as Halloween approaches. Cassie welcomes a popular fantasy author and her editor to Grey House, while a medical emergency keeps Sam busy at the hospital. A long-forgotten prophecy is unearthed in the basement of city hall and, when things that were predicted start to come true, the people of Middleton begin to fear that their town is under the grip of a horrible curse.

A s society vamp leaves New York behind for Italy, where she worms her way into the lives of vacationing newlyweds.

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  • Booker Prize: Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo share award.
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  • Synchrone und diachrone Aspekte der Fotografie: Eine Gegenüberstellung von Pierre Bourdieus (Hrsg.) „Eine illegitime Kunst“ (1981) und Michel Frizots (Hrsg.) ... der Fotografie“ (1998) (German Edition).
  • In the s an Irish-Italian hoodlum joins the New York Mafia, but his mob career is not what he expected. Comedic remarks shown over random film clips. NR 10 mins. Coastal Oregon kids follow the treasure map of pirate One-Eyed Willie past his deadly traps to gold. Author R.

    Booker Prize: Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo share award

    FXX Sun. Domestic servants and their aristocratic masters are equally suspect in the wake of a murder at a lavish British estate.

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    The owner of an ancient mill hires a drifter to rid the basement of rats. Nice Sandy and greaser Danny try to be like each other in their s high school.