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Gates should take a lesson. Bill no doubt felt smug and oh-so-holier-than-capitalists for winking at a holdup—of himself, no less. And I take his insouciance towards financing such evil personally. Bill, your taxes buy the US government more bureaucrats and more programs to destroy my freedom.

American Revolution and Founding Era: Becky Akers Brings Famous Spy Nathan Hale to Life

They supply the NSA with more spooks to eavesdrop on my communications. They purchase propaganda from the Department of Brainwashing—ah, Education and the FCC to whitewash these crimes while fooling many of my friends and family. Thanks in part to you, Mr.

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Bill, revolt against such revolting tyranny appears unlikely. It recruits cannon fodder for the US Empire. It then arms those kids to slaughter innocents before they themselves bleed out in some desert waste miles from home. Believe me, Mr. Meanwhile, the fodder that survives comes home to join the cops, the TSA, or other occupying forces.

The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

And again, the wealth your state and local governments loot from you not only pays those cops to boss or even arrest and cage me, it enlists new ones. Go ahead and puke while I admonish Mr. We are to infer that robbing you is perfectly OK. Of course, no advocacy of communism is complete unless Bernie Sanders contributes his senseless two cents. Um, Coot?

Perhaps handing Leviathan even more bucks is a waste, ya think? Regrettably, instead of cutting his losses, Mr. Oh, honestly, Mr.

Good old Dan Frontier had already primed my love of American history which, as an adult, I came to understand was really a love of the liberty that history had sometimes permitted. So when I learned that a year-old guy had died for that freedom, and with such courage and panache, too, I was hooked.

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I have yet to understand why a thrilling drama that pits a principled, honest, witty, brilliant and courageous hero against a corrupt empire is confined to kids, but there we are. I finally realized that if I wanted a novel for adults, I would have to write it first. And when I finished work on Halestorm, with all the research that entailed, Nathan intrigued me more than ever! How many heroes retain their glow under the microscope? I wanted to write more about Nathan but that was tough to do given his death at the end of Halestorm.

A Haunting of Shadows

And just as doomed…. And the more incensed I grew: Arnold was a huge champion of freedom whom contemporary political enemies slandered. Historians have irresponsibly and unfairly repeated those slanders as fact ever since. I also hope to demystify the American Revolution for them.

Kissing the Hands That Molest You - LewRockwell

Marxist and statist historians have grossly perverted it — and made it insufferably boring in the process. The Revolution was not a class struggle, nor was it a movement for democracy which the 18th century correctly abhorred as the tyranny of the mob. Historians supply many explanations for the American Revolution.

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  6. The colonists fought for independence, against taxation without representation, to replace a monarchy with a republic. Eighteenth-century Americans and Britons revered liberty as modern ones do democracy. They saw it as an absence of physical force. No man should compel others to obey him with threats of violence. Each person is free to live his life as he sees fit, so long as he extends that courtesy to everyone else. And yes, that pretty much vitiates government.