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Also in attendance was Dr. A client owned and operated a mining operation just inside the California state line in Death Valley. Suspecting thefts of materials and supplies, the client requested that Clyde and Chester review the operation. As they were currently tied up on other matters, they decided to use an undercover man to observe the operation until they could review the matter in person.

Clyde and Chester did not as a practice use undercover operatives as it often could be very time consuming and expensive to the client.


Results could not always be predictable. You may recall an earlier case in this book where a truck driver stole oil from oil production tanks and had hidden stacks and stacks of one hundred dollar bills in his freezer. When that case was finished, the truck driver told Clyde and Chester he thought he would make a good investigator and wondered how he could get in the business. He begged to work with them. Clyde thought it would be a good idea to engage this man as an undercover man in the mining operation by getting him a job at the mine site.

The former truck driver was contacted and told to get some old, beat up clothes and shoes, hitch a ride into Death Valley, and get a job at the mine operation. He agreed as he thought this would be fun. He successfully arrived on the scene and obtained a job in the parts depot. At the end of every week he called Clyde and Chester to report on his suspicions and findings. Soon he started to complain about the weather and wondered when they were going to be there so he could leave.

It was summertime in Death Valley and the temperatures approached to degrees during the day. Summer is miserable there. After about a month Clyde and Chester left for Death Valley. They flew to Las Vegas and rented a car to journey to Death Valley. Arriving late in a town called Furnace Creek, they decided to spend the night and go on early the next morning to the mine location. At Furnace Creek there was only an old motel and a nearby small building called an opera house. Entering the office of the motel, they noticed that the owner was frying potatoes and onions over an open fire on the dirt floor.

You must have some other rooms available. Chester thought that was awfully nice of them as it was obvious that no one else was going to be staying there that night and probably not for the next several weeks. Entering their rooms, it was obvious that very few people stayed in that God forsaken place, as it was old and dirty.

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As evening came, Clyde and Chester went next door to the opera house. The building was open and looked like an old country church with several rows of pews on either side of the aisle. Stage curtains walled off a large stage in front.

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Reportedly, a former renowned opera diva had settled in the area. She had built the opera house in order to have a place to continue to perform various operas in which she had formerly starred in the New York area. She performed about twice a week and only occasionally had a few attendees.

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She had painted the walls with bench seats. Men and women had been painted in the bench seats so that it appeared when she sang that the house was full of people. Fortunately, she was not scheduled to perform that night. This went on for quite a while which kept Chester awake. After finally falling asleep, Chester was again awakened this time by finding the bed soaked with water. A thunderstorm had peppered the area with heavy rain. Chester got dressed and spent the rest of the night sleeping in the rental car. This was probably the first time this area had seen rain in several years and they had to pick that one night to be there.

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