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Tiny Rescued Antelope Makes an Unlikely Friend

In Sudan, most lechwe are found in the Sudd swamps, with smaller numbers in the Machar marshes near the Ethiopia border. In Ethiopia, the Nile Lechwe occurs marginally in the Gambella National Park in the south-west of the country, where its survival is precarious because of expanding human activities. Nile lechwe were observed during two wildlife aerial surveys in Gambella and Around to lechwe were assumed at that time. After the annual burning the area was covered with 20 cm high fresh grass in March , the conditions were just right to spot a herd of lechwe grazing at the edge of the swamp in Pokedi village.

Doe Antelopes..

They were found in thickets formed by Acacia commiphora bushes branching to the ground and sympatric with. Silver dik-dik.

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Photo credit: Ludwig Siege No aerial survey was possible in recent years in Kafta Shiraro due to the proximity to Eritrea and security concerns thereof. Nile Lechwe or Mrs.

Gray's Lechwe Kobus megaceros In Sudan, most lechwe are found in the Sudd swamps, with smaller numbers in the Machar marshes near the Ethiopia border. The difference in size can easily be compared if you take a Thompson gazelle which weighs in at around 30kg and an eland which can weigh a whopping kg if not more.

Adopt a pronghorn antelope | Symbolic animal adoptions from WWF

Secondly, in most species of gazelles both male and female animals have horns. For example, with impalas, only males have horns. Another difference between gazelles and other antelopes is that only gazelles tend to display a behaviour known as stotting. When alerted by a predator they move slowly before leaping vertically in the air. On landing, they open up the throttle and can easily escape most predators. Gazelles can often be seen on the open plains of southern Serengeti.

They are adapted to graze on the lower shorter shoots which are left by other larger antelopes. This makes competition for food easier. Whether gazelle or another genus of antelope, each animal in the wild has some unique features and can be admired for their individual beauty.

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Sorry to make it not clear. The picture at the bottom shows a male Impala. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next.

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Gazelles vs Antelopes — what is the difference? The answer is simple: all gazelles are antelopes, but not all antelopes are gazelles… Gazelles are a genus of antelope group and antelopes belong to the bovidae family. But the main differences lay in their size and horns: Gazelles are usually also much smaller than other antelopes.

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